5 Hair Care Products That Will Change Your Life

Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair everyday can be quite harmful to your hair.  Any time your scrub, or pull at your hair when it’s wet, you are at risk of damaging it.  The sebum your scalp produces naturally moisturizes your hair better than any conditioner can.  However, no one wants to look like they have greasy hair.  Using a dry shampoo will mask the greasy look without stripping the hair.  Dry shampoos are also a great way to add volume.  My favorite dry shampoo is from Elizabeth and James.



Olaplex is a patented product that repairs broken bonds in the hair.  This makes it easy for dark haired girls to go blonde because it can prevent and repair any chemical damage.  It’s also great even if you don’t color your hair but are looking to repair damaged hair. You can buy it here.


It’s A 10

In addition to Olaplex I like to use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In to strengthen and smooth my hair.


Castor Oil

I have recently started using castor oil in my hair about once a week, before washing my hair.  It helps thicken, moisturize, and strengthen hair.  It can also help the hair grow faster if used regularly. You can buy it here.


Coconut Oil

I have tried nearly every hair mask under the sun and nothing works quite as well as pure coconut oil.  My hair absorbs coconut oil better than other hair masks I’ve tried and it doesn’t contain any fragrance like other hair masks.  You can get coconut oil at almost every grocery store or you can order it here



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