December Favorites

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss in Moonglow


Marc Jacobs lip glosses are my favorite lip gloss formula.  They are high shine, pigmented but not too pigmented, and I love how light they feel on my lips.  I think a pink-nude lip gloss is something every girl needs.

Colourpop Eyeshadow in Shade 3


Recently I have been really into doing a brown smokey eye. Even though it is a smokey eye, sometimes I want to give it a little something extra. I have been using Colourpop eyeshadow in shade 3 on the center of the lip to make it pop a little more.  I absolutely love this unique color.  I will say though, Colourpop eyeshadows do dry out within about 3 months and become rather difficult to apply and the packaging is not ideal for travel.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask


I’m really trying to do masking on a regular basis since it improves my skin so much.  I love this particular  mask because it clears and soothes my skin.

New Year Resolutions

I want to start this post by saying I strongly believe in addressing things as they arise.  I don’t believe in waiting to improve.  That being said, I do think it is important to set New Years Resolutions or resolutions any time of the year.  I suggest making some short term resolutions first, as it can seem rather daunting to make long term resolutions.  I believe in taking baby steps.  If you you set a goal to reach by 2018, break it down into smaller goals that will help you reach that really big goal. By breaking your goals down you will feel more accomplished and more motivated to continue.  Below are a couple of my recent resolutions:

  1. Pamper Myself

I learned a lot from posting every day during the month of December.  I really challenged myself and I learned that I can survive 70-80 hour work weeks.  I’m so proud of that, and it was incredibly rewarding.  However, I also learned how important it is to take time for myself.  I didn’t sacrifice time for my loved ones, I didn’t sacrifice time at my work, and I didn’t sacrifice decent sleep.  What I did sacrifice was time for myself. Eventually I learned that if I take 30 minutes a day to have tea, take a bubble bath, or read I was 10x more productive, in a better mood, and overall felt healthier. It helped me to schedule that time and I plan on keeping that up through 2017.

2. Be Present

I’m a multitakser, and although that’s a great quality it can also be damaging.  I realized that the only time I sat down this month and only did one thing, was when I went to get my nails done. That was only because it’s kind of impossible to be on my laptop or phone when I’m getting my nails done.  Multitasking is not necessarily bad until it gets in the way of being present.  I’m making an effort to get off my phone and laptop when I’m around people I love.

I hope all of you have a peaceful, successful, and happy 2017!!! Thank you for all the love and support this month.  Like I said, posting every day was a challenge but so incredible at the same time.

Winter Wardrobe Staples

Warm Coats


Lightweight H&M Coat               North Face Insulated Coat              Cole Haan Coat

Soft Sweaters


Halogen Cashmere Sweater               Madewell Mockneck                   J.Crew Striped Sweater



Louise et Cie Knee High Boots  Blondo Over the Knee Boot      Banana Republic Magda Shoe

Cold Weather Accessories


BCBG Beanie                                           H&M Scarf                                Kate Spade Gloves

Why You Should Be Using A Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have recently become extremely popular.  But are they worth the money?  Yes, not only are they soft and luxurious, but there are many benefits of using a silk pillowcase. Below are some benefits of silk pillowcases.


  1. They help keep the skin moisturized. Silk is a very tightly woven material that will not pull moisture out of the skin but instead keep it moisturized. This will leave the skin glowing when you wake up.
  2. Using a silk pillowcase can reduce skin irritation.  Allergies to silk is rare.  The soft luxurious feel to silk leaves the skin soothed.
  3. Helps the hair look smooth and silky.  Just like it’s affect on skin; silk pillowcases will lock in the moisture in your hair.  It also won’t crease your hair like other pillowcases will.
  4. Silk pillowcases can prevent wrinkles. Just like it won’t crease your hair, it won’t crease on your face.  Not only is this great in terms of short term but also long term. Creases that pillowcases often leave on your face is essential slowly ironing wrinkles into your face.

There are many silk pillowcases on the market but the top rated one is Slip; which you can buy here.

My Favorite Sheet Masks

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about sheet masks.  Originating from Asia, sheet masks have become a very popular skin care item over the last few years.  Sheet masks are really not ideal if you are looking for something to suck everything out of your pores.  Although sheet masks vary in what they do for your skin; most of them are made to brighten, hydrate, or prevent aging. Below are some of my favorite sheet masks.


1.Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask 2.Tony Moly Tea Tree Mask 3.Dr. Jart Hydra Solution Mask 4.Tatcha Luminous Mask 5.Placenta Mask