Decorate With Me: My Christmas Tree

It’s finally that time of year!  There is something really cozy and whimsical about Christmas trees.  I look forward to decorating it each year.  I was recently shopping at Neiman Marcus and absolutely fell in love with their trees, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from that. I am a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your Christmas tree.  After all, it’s only up for about a month out of the year.  Below are some tips for decorating your tree, pictures of my tree this year, and where I got the decorations from.


  1. Start with the tree topper.  By starting with the tree topper you will avoid knocking any ornaments off the tree.
  2. Using tree picks you can extend the length of your tree.
  3. Use shiny ornaments on the inside of the tree to fill it out and give the tree more depth.
  4. You don’t have to get individual or unique ornaments to give the tree variety.  I used a set of silver, gold, and rose gold ornaments to give the tree variety.

What I Used On The Tree:

Silver Ornaments from Target

Gold Ornaments from Target

Poinsettia from Michaels

I could not find the exact picks from Michael’s online that I used at the top of the tree but you can find them in store.

I also could not find the Rose gold ornaments I used (also from Michael’s) but these are similar.

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