Why You Should Be Using A Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have recently become extremely popular.  But are they worth the money?  Yes, not only are they soft and luxurious, but there are many benefits of using a silk pillowcase. Below are some benefits of silk pillowcases.


  1. They help keep the skin moisturized. Silk is a very tightly woven material that will not pull moisture out of the skin but instead keep it moisturized. This will leave the skin glowing when you wake up.
  2. Using a silk pillowcase can reduce skin irritation.  Allergies to silk is rare.  The soft luxurious feel to silk leaves the skin soothed.
  3. Helps the hair look smooth and silky.  Just like it’s affect on skin; silk pillowcases will lock in the moisture in your hair.  It also won’t crease your hair like other pillowcases will.
  4. Silk pillowcases can prevent wrinkles. Just like it won’t crease your hair, it won’t crease on your face.  Not only is this great in terms of short term but also long term. Creases that pillowcases often leave on your face is essential slowly ironing wrinkles into your face.

There are many silk pillowcases on the market but the top rated one is Slip; which you can buy here.

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