Color Correcting 101

Color correcting was a major trend in 2016 and I think it should stick around.  Some trends come and go because they are solely aesthetic but color correcting is practical. Color correcting can brighten dull skin, cover redness, hide dark circle, essentially any issue your skin may have.  Below are the basic colors used for color correcting and what they are good for.


Green may seem daunting but trust me, it won’t turn your skin green.  It’s going to cover redness giving the skin a neutral tone.



Lavender is going to cover skin that looks very yellow.  Be careful though because if you use too much f this one it’s going to give your skin a gray undertone.  Start light and build up the corrector.



Using a yellow color corrector is going to brighten dull skin and make your skin look youthful.



Unlike other color correctors, peach is not going to be used all over.  You should use peach color corrector on dark spots and dark circles.


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