Why You Need to be Derma Rolling

I stumbled upon derma rolling a few years ago while researching treatments for pitted acne scarring.  Since it is by far the least expensive treatment I decided to give derma rolling a try.  Although I feel my skin still needs a lot of improvement, the results so far have been amazing!


Derma rolling, or also known as micro-needling, is the process of rolling a ball covered in needles across the skin.  By doing this, you are creating micro punctures in the skin which stimulates the skin to heal and produce collagen. Below is a list of benefits from derma rolling and some tips:

1.Heals Acne Scarring

2.Improves Collagen and Elastin Production

3.Helps with Hyperpigmentation

4.Prevents Fine Lines

5.Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Since you are rubbing something on your face it is important to sanitize the derma roller before every use.

If you currently have a breakout I suggest avoiding that area since it will spread the bacteria.

Only use the derma roller after you wash your face.  I prefer to use it at night.

Try starting with a small needle size.  This IS NOT a painless process. I started by using the smallest needle once a week and worked my way up to almost every night.

Use your serums after derma rolling because the will penetrate the skin deeper.

If you are doing derma rolling at home you shouldn’t bleed.

You can get a derma roller here.



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