Effective Ways to Heal Acne Scarring


There are two different ways to exfoliate: manual and chemical.  My favorite type of manual exfoliation is microdermabrasion.  You can either get microdermabrasion done by a dermatologist or by using the PMD. There are many different chemical exfoliants, some are in at home use products and some are stronger that should only be used by a dermatologist.  I find that by using a weaker product more regularly is just as effective as getting a chemical peel a few time a year.  My favorite face wash is Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser which does a fantastic job at exfoliation. Be very careful when you first begin exfoliating, it can often irritate the skin.

BeFunky Collage

Derma Rolling

I recently wrote a dedicated blog post on derma rolling that you can read here.  I have found that derma rolling has been the most effective way to reduce my acne scarring. You can purchase a derma roller here.


Use Sunscreen

Long exposure to the sun can make scarring worse so it is important to use sunscreen on a DAILY basis. You can see all my favorite sunscreens here.


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