Keeping Your Skin Moisturized During Cold Weather

Fall is here and Winter is nearing which means it is time for me to step up my body skincare routine. I live in a particularly dry climate so Winter is devasting to my skin if I don’t take the proper steps. Below are some tips to keep your skin healthy and moisturized during the colder months.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

I know a hot shower is tempting during the cold season but it’s important to take a room temperature shower. By taking a hot shower you are depleting your skin of it’s natural moisture.

Apply Body Lotion While the Skin is Still Damp

By applying lotion while the skin is still damp you are allowing the skin to absorb the lotion better.  I also find that it helps prolong the lotion.

Use a Heavy Body Lotion

I always use a heavier lotion during cold weather because my skin needs it.  Below are some of my favorites.

BeFunky Collage

Soap and Glory                Gold Bond Restoring Lotion     The Body Shop Body Butter

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