My Christmas Tree 2018

It’s finally the most wonderful time of year!  I know most of you already have your Christmas tree up but here are a few tips on how to jazz it up.


As I did last year, I filled the tree from the inside out with ornaments.  I recommend using mirrored ornaments on the inside of the tree because the reflection will give a fuller appearance to the tree.

I have very neutral tones in my home and I like my Christmas tree to reflect that style.  I have dreamed of having a flocked tree my entire life and it has finally happened!  I like that the flocking keeps my living room bright while still being festive.  Many people tried to deter me from getting a flocked tree because it is “messy”.  I’m here to tell you if you buy an artificial flocked tree it is no more messy than a real tree.  Just like a real tree, it is messy setting it up.  Since setting it up I have not experienced any more flocking debris around my home.  I imagine that if you buy a real tree and get it flocked, the flocking would continue to fall off but don’t quote me on that!

To keep with the neutral theme, I like to coordinate my gift wrap with the tree.  This is of course not necessary, but it gives a more cohesive look.


Below are the items I used:

The Tree

Green Glitter Pick
Flocked Pick

Rose Gold Ornaments
Gold Ornaments

Tree Skirt

Wrapping Paper
Snowflake Wrapping Paper
Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper
Glitter Wrapping Paper