Colourpop Review + Swatches

I can’t be the only one that goes through lip product phases, right?  I recently had the urge to revamp my lip product collection, and placed an order on Colourpop.  Giorgio Armani is my favorite brand for lip products but, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on lipstick when I don’t wear it often.  This is why I ordered from Colourpop.  Colourpop is an online beauty brand that is extremely affordable. The total came to $38 for 6 products (this includes tax and shipping was free).  Below is a review of everything I bought.


One of the ways Colourpop cuts down on cost is through packaging.  The package is not good quality.  For me, that’s not a big deal.  I’m buying it for the product not the packaging.

I really appreciate how accurate the colors look on the Colourpop website.  Most of the products have pictures of swatches and pictures of the product on lips. Below are the swatches.  I took this photo in natural lighting and did not edit it to make the colors look better. Keep in mind the Ultra Matte did not dry down at the time this photo was taken.  When it does dry down the color looks the same.

befunky-collage (92)

The Lip Pencils

I love how pigmented and creamy these lip pencils are.  Because they are creamy they are easy to apply.  The downside of how creamy they are is that they are not as precise.  The dryer a lip pencil is the more precise it will apply but that means it will be more difficult to apply.  The creamier a lip pencil is the easier it is to apply but that means it won’t be precise. I bought the shade Frenchie and Brink

The Ultra Satin Lip in the Shade Strip

This is very comfortable to wear but needs a lip pencil under it.  Luckily the Brink Lip Pencil is perfect for Strip.  This is a lip product that you will have to re-apply throughout the day.

The Ultra Matte Lip in the Shade Midnight Snack

I LOVE this shade!  This is extremely comfortable to wear for a matte liquid lipstick.  This will settle into fine lines of your lips so make sure you scrub and moisturize before wearing it.  Even though this is a matte liquid lipstick it is not as long wearing as other liquid lipsticks. I recommend wearing a lip pencil under it.  If you plan on wearing this all day I suggest re-applying it.


Ultra Glossy Lip in the Shade Atta Girl

This is one of the most beautiful lip glosses.  This is a sheer lip gloss so you can wear it over any lipstick.  Unfortunately, this is very heavy feeling for a lip gloss. However, since it is heavy it is long wearing for a lip gloss.


Lip Scrub

I really hate the smell of coconut but I have overcome that for this lip scrub.  This is a double-duty product because it exfoliates and moisturizes.  As with most lip scrubs, it is messy so I suggest using it in the shower.