Favorite Restaurants in Denver and Boulder Colorado

Boulder Cork


The Cork is the most underrated steakhouse.  I find that a lot of steakhouses over sell themselves to be something they are not.  The Cork almost under sells itself.  The quality of the food is amazing.  I ALWAYS order the filet medium rare with a side of smoked mashed potatoes.

The Sink Boulder


The Sink is the type of place you go to not just for the food, but the experience.  If Anthony Bourdain’s signature is on the wall it’s good enough for me.  You’re going to have to kiss goodbye any sort of diet at the door.  This is a college eatery that serves classic American food with a twist.  The Buff Mac is my favorite!

Matsuhisa Denver


I really tried to avoid chain restaurants but I can’t pass up Matsuhisa.  This is an upscale Japanese style restaurant.  Matsuhisa is probably the only place you’ll be able to find good sushi in Colorado.  However, I don’t go for the sushi.  My favorite items are the Wagyu and Toro tartar.

Half Fast Subs Boulder


Half Fast Subs is another college eatery that requires you to ditch your diet at the door.  These sandwiches are unique and AMAZING.  Once you eat a sandwich here it will make any other sandwich seem like the infamous Fyre Festival cheese sandwich.  I can’t go 6 months without having the Gobbler (a turkey sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy).

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