Favorite Beauty Tools

I’ve written before about my struggle with pitted acne scaring.  This tool has drastically improved my acne scaring.  I recommend it to any one that struggles with scaring.  I’ve also heard it can help prevent fine lines.
It looks demonic, and honestly it is a little painful but it’s worth it.  You roll micro needles along your skin in different directions and it signals the skin to heal that area.
If you love face masks and skincare like I do, this is a must!  I try to use it at least once a week before masking.  The steam works as a decongestant for your pores. It opens up your pores which allows product to penetrate your skin deeper.  I swear I can give myself a better at home facial with this than most salons. It’s also really handy to have when you’re sick.
I’ve been a huge fan of light therapy for years.  I don’t fully understand the science behind it, but whatever it does, it works!  It tightens my pores, evens my skin tone, and makes my skin look so much healthier. The one I use is for acne prone skin and there is also one for wrinkles.

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