3 Basic Must-Have Sweaters

The Every Season Sweater

BeFunky-collage - 2019-02-25T174049.492

1. Mango 2. Michael Stars 3. Gibson

This is the type of sweater I reach for the most.  It’s light enough to wear during the Fall and Spring yet easy to layer during the winter.

The Chunky Sweater

BeFunky-collage - 2019-02-25T175304.476

1. ASOS 2. H&M 3. Free People

Chunky sweaters are a must for extra cold or snowy days.  I also love to wear them on days like Thanksgiving, when I plan on eating my weight in food.

The Cashmere Sweater

BeFunky-collage - 2019-02-25T180241.783

1. Halogen 2. Neiman Marcus 3. J.Crew

Cashmere is my go-to on days when I want to be effortless an comfortable.

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