Iceland Packing List for a Trip to Iceland in Spring & Summer

I had the most incredible time in Iceland!  It was definitely the most incredible vacation I’ve ever had.  I still cannot believe I’m engaged.

This is the generalized packing list. I was there for a 5 days.  Some of these items are for specific things I did while I was there, which I will note.  Much like Colorado, Iceland weather can change so I brought versatile pieces.  The temperature was around 53 degrees Fahrenheit there.  We had a little bit of rain but mostly beautiful sunny skies. I won’t be sharing my toiletry list because that’s really specific to each person.


What I’ll be wearing on the plane:



T Shirt


What My Boyfriend will wear on the plane:


T Shirt


Fleece Jacket


What I’m Packing in the Checked Bag:

Sandals for both of us (we might use these at the Blue Lagoon but the package we purchased does provide slippers)

Rain Boots for Myself

Rain Jacket for Myself

Jeans for Myself

Sweaters for Myself

Pajamas for Myself

Flannel Shirts for John

T shirt (mostly for lounging in but also in case we have an unusually warm day) For John

Gym Shorts (for lounging in the hotel) For John

Rain Jacket For John

Pool Bag (I’ll need this to pack our swimsuits, sandals, and other items for the Blue Lagoon)



What I’m packing in our Carry-On

Socks, underwear, and bras (we will each need 2 pairs of wool socks for when we snorkel in Silfra)

Base Layer for each of us

Our Swimsuits

Skincare and other non-makeup toiletries


In Our Personal Item

Sleep Masks (for the plane and also because there will be nearly 24 hours of daylight there)

Travel Pillows

Every day items like wallets, sunglasses, and eyeglasses




I will be posting a packing list specifically for the Blue Lagoon on Thursday 5/30.









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