What to Bring to the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was one of the most incredible experiences that I will never forget.  It’s definitely the most unique spa I’ve been to.  Before I dive in to what I packed, I want to mention that my fiance and I were there for a 4 hour time slot and we got the Retreat Spa package.


The Retreat Spa package includes a private changing room for 1-2 people, bathrobes, sandals (I think they use slippers in the winter), a free drink for each person, bathroom products (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, body lotion, and face moisturizer), access to the private lagoon, and and Blue Lagoon Ritual (a full body scrub, full body silica mask, and full body algae mask).


The Packing List



Hair Tie

Something to store jewelry (you cannot wear jewelry in the water)

Hair Brush


Hair styling products (there is a straightener and blow dryer in the changing room)



The silica in the water can be VERY drying on your hair.  They recommend you put your hair up with conditioner in it.  However, they do have a hair mask you can ask to use.

My fiance used the hair mask in his beard but you may want to pack beard oil.

For the privacy of guests, they do not let you use phones or cameras in the spa (you must leave them in the changing room).  They do offer to take photos of you and email them to you.  You can also access the main pool where you can take photos.

The Moss restaurant is attached to the spa and you can enjoy drinks in the pool or the restaurant.  The sushi is amazing!



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