A Foodie Guide to Reykjavik Iceland

I had low expectations for food in Iceland and I have to say, I was blown away!  I don’t think we had a single bad meal there.  In fact, almost every meal we had was AMAZING.  Below are some of my favorite places we ate at and my favorite dishes.  Disclaimer: I did not try super “local” foods.  Shark, whale, and smoked Puffin don’t exactly appeal to me.

Vagninn Fish & Chips


I’ve never had (and likely never will have) better fish and chips than this.  First of all, it’s an adorable stand on the harbor with picnic tables.  Not only is it picturesque, but the fish and chips were so fresh and delicious!  They make what they catch that day.  Once they sell out, they close.  I would recommend going for lunch rather than dinner.  The batter they use for the fish is a sweet batter (it almost tasted like funnel cake) but it worked really well with the fish and malt vinegar.


The Röst

We really enjoyed walking along the harbor in the morning and came across the Röst.  They had the BEST Chai Latte I’ve ever had.  I also recommend their ham and cheese croissant.


The Sea Baron

Reykjavik is one of the most expensive cities in the world.  Eating out can get pricey fast.  This place is a prime example of that.  We ordered 2 lobster soups, a salmon skewer, a cod skewer, and a beer and it came to just under $90.  It was worth the price though.  I’m usually not a fan of any seafood soups but this lobster soup was delicious.  I also really enjoyed the cod skewer.  If you go here, be prepared for a wait.  The line is usually out the door.



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