Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Details

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has become one of the most beloved annual sales.  This sale is unique in that it offers sale items for the upcoming season, not last season items. Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you will have access to new Fall/Winter items on sale. If you have any back to school shopping, you’d be crazy to not shop this sale.  Below is a break down of all the information you need about the sale:

Cardmembers get early access!

Icon members can shop the sale in store starting 7/9.

Ambassadors can shop the sale in store starting 7/10-7/11.

Icon and Ambassador members can shop online starting 7/11.

7/12 is the day the early access opens to all members at 10:30 am MST.

7/19 is the day the sale opens to the public.


Nordstrom restocks some items but not all.  So if you are not a cardmember you might miss out on some items.

Check you member status in advance by logging into your Nordstrom account.

Login to your Nordstrom account in advance when shopping online.  Nordstrom will have you verify your card.  I suggest keeping your card on hand just in case.

Before shopping in stores make sure you call your local Nordstrom the day before to find out if they open early.

You can view the sale catalog here.


Happy shopping!




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