Current Favorites

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1. Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning Kit I can’t say enough good things about this.  It has eliminated the need to go to a professional dry cleaner.  It’s easy and affordable.

2. Biotin I have baby hairs that I thought would never grow but they have since I started taking biotin.  You should always speak to a doctor before taking any supplement.

3. Control Corrective Sulfur Mask I love using sulfur products for my acne prone skin.  This works well and doesn’t smell as bad as you’d think.

4. Orchid Syrup The orchid flavor obsession is real! This has a similar taste to rose.  It’s a very delicate floral flavor that is sweet but not too sweet.  I love using this with sparkling water to make a refreshing summer drink or with rosé to make frosé.  If you want an orchid frosé recipe check out this blog post.

Picking a Wedding Venue- Everything You Need to Ask + Tips

I’m happy and relieved to announce that we officially have a wedding date and venue!  Trying to find a wedding venue was daunting and overwhelming.  The main challenge I had was scheduling.  Coordinating the venue’s schedule, my schedule, and my fiancé’s schedule was a logistic nightmare.  This was particularly challenging given we were looking during wedding season, which means the venues had limited times to tour and we had travel plans.  We originally had plans to view 4 venues but ended up only viewing one.  Everyone says that when you find the dress you will know.  I find this to be applicable to the venue too.  To be honest, I was not that excited about wedding planning.  Once we viewed the venue we both fell in love with it, and for the first time I felt like a bride and I could envision us getting married.  Below are some tips and things you should ask your venue before booking it.

The Location

We had our hearts set on a location but we also knew it could be out of budget so we were going to look at venues in two different areas. If you have your heart set on a certain wedding style it is important to think about what location would suit that style.

It is important to consider the location in regards to your guest.  Are your guest local to that area?  Or will they have to travel?  In our case, we are having our wedding in Colorado which means all but 4 people (including ourselves) will have to travel.  This changes so much.  Since all of our guest are traveling we are treating the wedding as a destination wedding, which means we have to be a few months ahead on save the dates and invites.

You also need to consider things like altitude and weather.  One of my concerns is the altitude.  My family is from sea level and the ceremony will be at 14,000 feet.  Altitude sickness is common at 14,000 feet so we will be planning accordingly.  We get thunder and lightning storms a few nights a week during the summer.  This could cause a delay in the ceremony that will be outdoors.  Luckily, in Colorado, the storms roll through quickly.  Also, I happen to LOVE a thunder and lightning storm so I wouldn’t mind having a stormy wedding day.


What is Included

We had originally planned to view venues that were all inclusive and some that were not.  The venue we toured and booked is almost all inclusive and that is a HUGE relief.  When I was considering the other venues I had to look into booking things like chairs, tables, linens, cutlery, plates, lighting, etc.  Booking 10 different vendors meant something was bound to go wrong.  Since the wedding is in the mountains this also meant we had limited local vendors.  If we wanted to book a vendor closer to a major city we would have to pay extra for travel time.  Because of this, it made sense to book with an all inclusive vendor to save money and eliminate stress.  Our vendor will be providing a dance floor, votive candles, linens, chairs, tables, plates, cutlery, cups, the bar, food, and they will be making the cake.  They also set up the dance floor and arrange the tables and chairs.  Since we will be working with only 4 vendors (the venue, DJ, florist, and photographer) I don’t feel the need to hire a day of wedding planner because it feels manageable.  If we booked at a non-all inclusive place I would likely have to hire a wedding planner for the day of to coordinate with the 10+ vendors. Below are some questions you should ask your venue (it is a good sign if your venue answers these questions before you even ask them).

1. If you are hosting the wedding at a hotel you should ask if they offer a discount to your guest and allow you to block rooms.  One of the places we almost toured required a certain amount of our guest to stay at their hotel and would have held us financially responsible for any rooms that were not booked but blocked.

2. What is the noise policy?  For us, this played a major roll in the wedding day timeline.

3. When will our vendors and us have access to the venue on the day of the wedding?

4. What is the guest limit?

5. What is their bad weather backup plan?

6. What are the payment terms?

7. Do they offer discounts on certain days/seasons?  We are saving a few thousand dollars by hosting our wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday. If your guest are local you may want to have the wedding on a Saturday or Sunday so your guest don’t have to take time of work.  In our case, our guest are traveling and most will make a vacation out of it and take time off anyways.  For this reason we did not feel it was rude to host the wedding on a Friday.  Not that it should be considered rude, because its your day and they don’t have to attend.

8. What does the cost include?  Does this include service charge and tax?

9. Will it accommodate all guest?  We have some older people attending our ceremony.  There is a path that guest will have to take to get to the ceremony site and given my concerns about altitude, our venue offered to provide a gold cart free of charge to guests that they may need it.

10. What time can we hold the rehearsal?

11. Who cleans up?

12. Does the venue provide sound equipment?  Most DJs will provide this but you should still ask your venue in the event that you don’t hire a DJ.

13. Is there a corkage fee?

14. What kind of alcohol packages do they include?  Can they be customized? For instance, we can do a fully open bar for part of the reception then switch to beer and wine only for the rest.

15. Are the ceremony and reception site in different locations?  If they are, this will challenging for your wedding day timeline and you may have to look into providing transportation. If you hold your ceremony and reception site at the same place you could save money.


The Decor

I have to admit, I originally wanted to elope or just have immediate family attend.  For this reason I never really envisioned a wedding.  I had absolutely no idea what I wanted.  This benefited me in someways but also made me feel overwhelmed.  Our venue has a VERY fairy tale vibe to it.  So naturally, we are going with a European fairy tale theme.  If I had a clear vision of what I wanted for decor I would have only viewed venues that would suit that decor.  For example, if I wanted a modern looking wedding the venue I picked would have been impossible. If you know exactly how you want to decorate you should imagine that when your touring a venue.


Orchid Frosé Recipe

I am so happy to be sharing this drink recipe with you!  If you are looking for a easy summer drink recipe, this one is for you! It’s perfect for a summer BBQ or girls night.



1 Tbsp Orchid Syrup

1 cup frozen rosé

1/4 cup rosé



  1. Freeze 1 cup rosé in a ice cube tray.  You can also freeze it in the glass you will be using but be careful if you try this method.
  2. Add the frozen rosé  to the glass you will be using an gently use a fork to crush it until you get a slushy like consistency.  I suggest using a plastic fork to prevent breaking the glass.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of orchid syrup and 1/4 rosé to the glass and gently stir.
  4. Enjoy!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Part 2


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1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket $119.90 (after sale ($180) 2. Nordstrom Wine Rack $29.90 (after sale $49) 3. Jo Malone Candle Set $76 ($108 value) 4. White Company Frame $35.90 (after sale $49) 5. Throw $25.90 (after sale $39.90)


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1. AG Pants $129 (after sale $188) 2. Magnanni Belt $99.90 (after sale $150) 3. Patagonia Jacket $109.90 (after sale $149) 4. AG Jeans $131.90 (after sale $198) 5. Polo Shirt $36.90 (after sale $45) 6. Timberland Shoes $199.90 (after sale $299)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019


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1. Clinique Moisture Surge Set $105 ($169 value) 2. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Set $155 ($213 value) 3. Tom Ford Makeup Set $88 ($126 value) 4. PMD $133 ($199 value) 5. Oribe Gold Lust Set $38 ($58 value)


BeFunky-collage - 2019-07-11T213106.461

1. Halogen Sweater $38.90 (after sale $59) 2. AG Jeans $143.90 (after sale $215) 3. Leith Dress $31.90 (after sale $49) 4. Halogen Wool and Cashmere Sweater $119.90 (after sale $179) 5. Vince Cardigan $263.90 (after sale $395) 6. Vince Sweater $263.90 (after sale $395)


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1. Vince Camuto Booties $99 (after sale $149.95) 2. Treasure and Bond Hat $31.90 (after sale $49) 3. Charles by Charles David Booties $99 (after sale $149.95) 4. Earrings $14.90 (after sale $25) 5. Cashmere Scarf $85.90 (after sale $129) 6. Tory Burch Boots $299.90 (after sale $498)

AMAZON PRIME DAY All the Details You Need to Know

If you are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day, it is a marathon of savings. Amazon Prime Day is not just one day, it will actually last two days (7/15-7/16).  The sale starts at 2:59 am EST.

Whole Foods Deals

If you are a Prime member and like to shop at Whole Foods like I do, they have awesome deals for you.  If you shop at Whole Foods between now and July 16th and spend $10 or more you will receive a $10 credit to spend on Amazon.  In addition, Whole Foods is offering extra savings to Prime Members you can check out here.  If you shop at Whole Foods in store, make sure you download the Whole Foods app before shopping.  You will need to scan the code at checkout.

Shopping The Sale

One of the main draws to Amazon Prime Day is the savings on tech items.  Specifically on Amazon echo and Amazon tech items.

Since there will be an overwhelming amount of deals on Amazon Prime Day, I suggest adding items to your cart (or saving them) in advance.  This will help you resist the urge of impulse buying.  It will also help you save on items that you would potentially pay full price for anyways. Items can sell out quickly so I suggest starting with items like electronics and beauty.


Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Day is only for Prime members.  You can learn more about the benefits here.