How I Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

I’ve tried so many things over the years to keep cut flowers lasting longer and looking healthy.  Below are the 3 tips I find to be most effective.


1. Cut the flowers are an angle NOT straight across the stem.  This will allow the stem to easily absorb water and nutrients.  If you cut the stem straight across it will be sitting flat across the vase and have a hard time absorbing water and nutrients. I cut the flowers about an inch every 3 to 4 days. When I cut the flowers I remove the petals that are dying (this typically only applies to roses).  By doing this you are not improving the longevity of the flowers but it makes them look fresh.


2. Change the water regularly.  I typically change the water every time I cut the flowers.  It’s important to keep the water fresh and clean.  To avoid changing the water more frequently, make sure you don’t have any leaves sitting in the water.


3. Use flower food.  When you by cut flowers it typically comes with e packet of flower food.  However, one packet is not enough.  I add flower food every time I change the water.  The flower food I use is Floralife.

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