Hair Care Products I’m Currently Loving

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1. Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo I love this because unlike most drugstore dry shampoos this does not have a cheap scent to it and it is easy to rub into your hair.

2. Vital Proteins Collagen Powder I take this for many reasons.  One of which is to strengthen my hair. As with any supplement you should always consult with your doctor before taking.

3. Silk Scrunchy Traditional hair ties can be damaging for your hair.  Scrunchies are less damage especially if you use a silk scrunchy.

4. BeLive Biotin I take biotin to help my hair grow healthy.  As with any supplement you should always consult your doctor before taking.

5. Spa Headband On nights when I don’t wash my hair, and when I wash my face in the morning, I put my hair up and use these spa headbands.  The headbands protect my hair from getting wet and protect it from my face wash.

6. Rene Furterer Hairspray This hairspray keeps a hold without looking like you used hairspray.