Wedding Flowers + How to Save Money

Flowers can easily be one of the major costs of a wedding but does not have to be.  It is very easy to go over budget with wedding flowers so here are some tips to save money:

1. Use local flowers.

2. Use in season flowers.

3. Be selective about where you will be placing the flowers.  I suggest place them in noticeable areas like centerpieces and alter flowers.  I thought about placing flowers elsewhere but decided it would not have much impact.

4. Skip “extras” like boutonnieres, bridesmaid flowers, practice bouquets, and flower crowns.

4. Many florist have minimums but that does not mean they are not willing to work with you.  I found that the minimum really meant that was the minimum cost for them to justify setting up and taking down the flowers.  If you spend less than that you just have to set up and tear down the flowers yourself.

5. You can go to a flower warehouse and make your own arrangements but I don’t recommend this because your taking the time out of your wedding day to focus on something trivial and not what actually matters.

6. If you have vases, ask the florist if you can provide your own vases for a discount.

7. Ask for smaller, compact arrangements.

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