Social Distancing Sales

Since we are all currently trapped at home, I thought I’d share a little retail therapy post today.  Since store locations have closed, there are some great online sales happening right now.  Below are some of the best sales and my picks from each store.  Happy Shopping!

Nordstrom Spring Sale Up to 40% Off

BeFunky-collage (1)

1. Tory Burch Handbag 40% off 2. Leith Dress 25% off 3. Tory Burch Miller Sandal 25% off 4. ASTR Dress  40% off 5. Anthropologie Mug 25% off 6. Anthropologie Coaster 25% off

Banana Republic  50% Off Sale

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1. Handbag originally $118, on sale for $53.10  2. Skirt originally $119, on sale for $53.55  3. Cashmere Short Sleeve Top originally $149, on sale for $67.05 4. Cardigan originally $109, on sale for $49.05  5. Sunglasses originally $78, on sale for $35.10

J.Crew Extra 50% Off Sale with code SPRING

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1. Swimsuit originally $110, on sale for $36.49  2. Dress originally $148, on sale for $45.99  3. Vest originally $128, on sale for $39.99 4. Top originally $79.50, on sale for $11.49  5. Jeans originally $138, on sale for $47.99

Express 40-50% Off Everything

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1. Bracelet  40% off  2. Dress 40% off  3. Cropped Top  40% off 4. Top 40% off  5. Dress 50% off

Old Navy Up to 60% Off Everything

BeFunky-collage (6)

1. Workout Leggings originally $34, on sale for $16  2. White Jeans originally $54, on sale for $35  3. Top originally $29, on sale for $19.60  4. Linen Shorts originally $26, on sale for $12  5. Sandals originally $29, on sale for $14  6. Jean Jacket originally $39, on sale for $24.50


Men’s Easter Basket Gift Guide


If you have ever checked out my gift guides, you know I am a strong believer that stockings should have frivolous items, edible items, and practical items.  I take that same philosophy and apply it to Easter baskets.  At this point I have no idea if we will be having the feast we always do, but I do know I will be giving my fiancé and cat Easter baskets (since I bought it before the world fell apart). I bought some of these items in store, but luckily you can order all of them online without leaving your house.

BeFunky-collage (1)

1. Lindt Milk Chocolate Lambs 2. Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle 3. Back Scratcher 4. White Truffle Hot Sauce 5. Sea Sponge 5. Lindt Gold Chocolate Bunny

Wedding Food & Cake Tasting Tips

My fiancé and I had our food and cake tasting in early February which is unusually early to do it.  However, I am so thankful we did because since then that area has become a hot zone for the COVID-19.  If we didn’t do it then, we likely would not have been able to do the tasting until summer.  The COVID-19 has really put a damper on wedding and honeymoon planning but I’m trying to stay positive. At this point, all I can hope for is that we still have a wedding.

I have to admit, the tasting was the part I was looking forward to the most.  I learned a lot through the process so here are some of my tips:

  1. You should be thinking about what your guests want to eat but also what you and your partner want to eat.  Don’t be afraid to stray from the normal beef and chicken option.
  2. Ask the catering service about how the accommodate dietary restrictions. I was under the impression that if we had guests attending that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, etc. then we would have to pick an option for them.  In our case, we can still pick whatever meal options we want, and if guests notify us of a dietary restriction we can notify the catering and they will make a separate meal for them.
  3. For cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres, think about your guests and weather.  Maybe don’t serve something that is meant to be hot during the hot summer months.  Think about how easy it is to eat and hold.  We tried a ceviche that was incredible but have since eliminated it from the list.  We realized it will be too challenging for guests to manage holding a drink, a cup, and a spoon while mingling.
  4. If you have other wedding appointments in the same day, schedule the tasting last.  I made this mistake! Our tasting was the second appointment of the day and we had more appointments after.  The first issue with this is that we were in a food coma the rest of the day.  The second issue is that our catering served us full plates of each item to both of this.  We couldn’t put it in to-go containers since we had more appointments and a two hour drive after. I did not want to risk it spoiling in the car.
  5. When it comes to determining meals, appetizers, and drinks guest should be heavily considered.  However, when it comes to the cake, you should think outside the box and do what you want.  Not everyone will eat cake regardless of what kind of cake you serve.

Staying Busy During Social Distancing

Social distancing is taking place across the country which means most of us are spending more time at home, and less time out of the house with others.  As an introvert, I have to say I LOVE IT.  However this does not mean I am not experiencing the side effects.  While I am not writing this post to share how to prepare for COVID-19 or how to prevent it, I do want to share what I am doing at this time to stay busy, positive, and healthy.

Although I am not a routine oriented person, I am a task oriented person.  I find completing a set of tasks each day keeps me positive and happy.  Every morning I write my “To Do” list, and so far it has really helped me during this time.  These tasks usually don’t fill up an entire day, but I find if I get started on them in the morning I am more likely to complete them and feel productive the rest of the day.

I am not one to exercise unless I have committed to something.  Over the last month I started taking a Pilates class once a week.  It was easy for me to maintain because I committed to a membership and (due to high demand) I signed up for classes in advanced.  Unfortunately the Pilates studio has temporarily shut down during this time.  However, I have been trying to do at-home Pilates for about 20 minutes each day.

The last thing I have been doing is taking advantage of this time.  If you follow me on social media, you know I bought my first home late last year. I have been staying busy by organizing and ordering things for the house.  Now is the time to take on those big projects you never seem to have time for. I’ve also been using this time to spend more time with my little family.  I LOVE that I can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my fiance and cat every day (and yes the cat eats at the same time we do).

My Nighttime Skincare Products

Recently I have been on a skincare kick.  Perhaps it’s because I’m getting married late this Summer, or perhaps it’s because my skin is changing as I get older.  Either way, I have been doing a lot of self educating about skincare.  Below are all the current skincare products and tools I have been using in my nighttime skincare routine.  I have kept them in order of when I use them.

BeFunky-collage - 2020-03-01T153605.110

1. Ponds Cleansing Balm I cannot believe I am so late to the game on using a cleansing balm to remove my makeup.  This is SO effective and much more gentle than makeup remover wipes.  I only have a couple more uses of this but I do plan to use another cleansing balm from Ponds once it is empty.

2. GlamGlow Supercleanse I have been a fan of the GlamGlow supermud for years and this is the cleanser version of it.  It’s incredibly gentle but effective at the same time.

3. PMD Cleansing Device I use this in conjunction with the GlamGlow face wash.  I feel like I get a deeper clean with this device than if I were to use my hands or a Clarisonic. It has over 7,000 pulses per minute which stimulates the skin and leaves it more plump.

4. CeraVe Retinol I recently started incorporating this retinol into my skincare routine and I am never looking back.  I may try another retinol but for the foreseen future I will ALWAYS be incorporating one into my skincare.  It has made such a difference in my skin.  My skin looks brighter and more youthful.  This is very gentle for retinol but still effective.  I let this sink into my skin for a few minutes before using the next product.

5. Lancome Serum My fiance’s mom left this at our house for me to try.  To be honest, I haven’t tried many serums, so I don’t have much to compare this to.  I have noticed that this gives my skin the most beautiful glow from within.  It’s the highlighter of the skincare world.  I let this sink into my skin for a few minutes before using the next product.

6. CeraVe PM Lotion I have only used this a couple of times and so far I like it.  It is lightweight so perfect for my sometimes oily skin.