PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz Review

A few months ago I finally upgraded my facial cleansing tool to the PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz  facial cleansing device.  Prior to this I was using the Clarisonic Mia 2 which I don’t think is even sold anymore, so that tells you how long I was using it. While I liked using the Clarisonic device, you have to switch out the brush head regularly, which I was horrible at. When I decided it was time to get a new cleansing device my top priority was something that I didn’t have to change out a brush head, and something that is antibacterial. This led me to the PMD cleansing tools.  Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, below are my thoughts on it.


  • It cleanses the skin better than any other device. This devices cleanses through vibration at 7,000 pulses per minute.  This not only gives you a deep cleanse (which I truly feel) but the pulses also firm and tone skin. I haven’t noticed much firming and toning but I definitely notice how well it cleanses my skin.
  • It has 4 different settings for skin concerns.  The 1st setting is a gentle vibration (I use this in the mornings).  The 2nd setting is a more intense vibration (I use this in the evenings).  The 3rd setting is a gentle pulsation for anti-aging (I should be using this).  The 4th setting is a more intense pulsation that is again for anti-aging.
  • The charge last FOREVER. Okay not literally forever, but I haven’t had to charge it since I got it.
  • I love and hate the design.  I love that it is truly waterproof.  Water deposits don’t build up in any crevasse which I found happens in a lot of waterproof devices and that I had to regularly clean the device.  The base is thinner than the handle which makes it feel a bit top heavy.
  • I have yet to use the rose quartz.  One side has silicon bristles for cleaning and the other side has rose quartz that warms.  This is supposed to help your skin absorb products like serums.  Unfortunately since the product is a little top heavy, when I set it down on the counter a week ago it fell over and cracked the rose quartz.  It’s not completely broken, it just has a crack running through it. I can still use the rose quartz if I want to.

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