What I Wore For A Pandemic Elopement

After about 12 months of wedding planning our venue contacted us to tell us we need to cancel or postpone the wedding.  We decided to postpone the wedding to next Summer (our venue is only open mid June through mid September due to weather). It was incredibly disappointing, but we decided to get married on 8.14.20 anyways.  It wasn’t the day we had planned but it was still full of love and happiness.


The bridal store I bought my wedding dress from stores the wedding dress for me, which means it is basically insured at the store.  I had two options for my wedding dress, I could either have them extend my contract and store the wedding dress until next Summer for the ceremony and reception, or I could have it altered and wear it for the elopement. Although I was dying to wear my wedding dress, I decided to wait to wear it for the ceremony and reception next year, and wear a different dress for the elopement…Also, I say elopement but really everyone knew we still planned to get married on our wedding day and we did have immediate family there.

I was lucky enough to already have a white evening gown that I had never worn.  It’s from Halston Heritage and just needed a couple of alterations. Unfortunately it is no longer available but here is another dress perfect for an elopement.


The shoes I wore are the shoes I planned to wear on my wedding day.  I still plan to wear them for the ceremony and reception next year. You can buy them here. I know these are not the most bridal shoes out there, but I’m not the most bridal bride out there.  I LOVE designer shoes, but I’m pretty rough on shoes so I could never justify it. I felt I could finally justify it for my wedding day. I’m happy I can get more use out of it than just for a day.  I know I’ll wear these a lot in the future.



Thank you for all your kind words and congratulatory messages across social media.  It truly means so much to my husband and I.

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