Christmas Preparation Timeline

It is officially the holiday season! That means we all need to start preparing for Christmas. Below is a simple timeline to guide you through the preparation process.

Some Extra Tips…

When you are creating a list of everyone you need to shop for, write down a few gift ideas next to each person’s name and the store that you can purchase it at. Also inlclude a few extra generic gifts that anyone will love just in case you forget someone.

Shipping this time of year can take longer than expected so it’s important to order the gifts that need to be purchased online first. I would cut off online shopping after the first week of December. Any later than that would almost guarantee it won’t arrive on time unless you pay for expedited shipping.

I suggest sharing your holiday calendar with everyone in your household.

As soon as you receive your holiday cards, start addressing them. Try to address a few each day so it’s not tedious.

Waiting until just a month before Christmas to decorate might be grinchy to some, but I genuinely love the way my home looks without decorations. I personally find that if I decorate any earlier, it takes away from how special it feels to have the decorations out.

Before you shop for gift wrap supplies check to see what you already have. Just because something doesn’t scream Christmas, doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate it into wrapping Christmas presents. For example, I ALWAYS have black or white ribbon on hand that I use with some of the Christmas gift wrap.

I suggest starting your in store shopping no earlier than a month for the sake of gift receipts and returns (most stores have a 30+ day return policy). HOWEVER, if you are confident in the gifts you are buying and want to forgo including a gift receipt then I suggest shopping earlier to avoid crowds.

I like to set aside a large amount of time to wrap gifts but if you are busy, try to wrap a few each day.

When you are planning your holiday menu make sure to coordinate with your friends and family on what they plan to bring.

When you are creating a list of serveware you need make sure to include serving utensils. The day before, I like to pull out all the serveware and put a sticky not on it with what items will be served on it. This helps me stay organized and helps my husband or anyone else know where to put things.

Immediately before you go grocery shopping make sure to give your pantry and spices one more look to make sure you are not missing anything.

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