My Pantry Staples

The pandemic got all of us thinking about what our pantry staples are. If you had asked me a year ago what mine are, I’m not sure I could have answered because I never really thought about it before. Pantry staples are going to be different for everyone depending on your dietary needs and preferences. For me what makes something a staple is because it falls into one of the following categories: I use it all the time, it’s a great option in the event I can’t get my hands on fresh food, or it’s versatile. Below are my pantry staples.

Quinoa- I know not everyone likes quinoa but I like making casseroles with it and topping salads with it. It’s a great shelf stable option for iron and protein.

Rice- I’m not particular about what type of rice I have on hand as long as I have some form of rice. These days it’s Basmati Rice. I’m good at planning entrees for dinner ever night but I never seem to plan sides to go with dinner so I like keeping rice on hand in the event that I don’t have anything else to serve with dinner.

Arborio Rice- It’s unlikely that this is a staple for most people but my husband and I LOVE risotto so for us it is essential. I like that I can make all types of risotto with it so it doesn’t feel repetitive but I’m still using it regularly.

Black Olives- We’re huge olive lovers in this house and while canned olives are not my favorite, I still love them. We snack on these and I use them to top salads with. It can be hard to find shelf stable healthy snack options so I like to keep olives on hand at all times.

Pasta- I usually have multiple types of pasta on hand but I ALWAYS have Trader Joe’s Brown Rice and Quinoa pasta. This is a slightly healthier pasta option. Given that I cannot go a week without pasta, it’s important for me to reach for healthier options.

Canned Tuna- I know some people find canned tuna repulsive, I happen to love it. For the same reasons I like to have quinoa on hand, I like to have canned tuna on hand as a shelf stable protein option.

Cento Tomatoes- When it comes to canned tomatoes I only buy Cento. If you haven’t tried it then you probably don’t understand why. If you have tried it then you understand that it’s just the best. I use canned tomato for all sorts of things, but this primarily gets used for pasta sauce.

Oats- I love having oats on hand for breakfast when I don’t have anything fresh. I also like having it to make over night oats if I know I’m going to be busy in the morning.

Sugar- I’m hugely into baking so basic baking items are essential to me. I always have granulated and brown sugar on hand.

Yeast- We all know everyone got into making bread when lockdown happened. We don’t eat a lot of white bread but when we do I make it because nothing else compares to store bought bread.

Flour- This one seems so obvious that I don’t feel the need to even explain it. I will say, I always use King Arthur Flour because I find that it’s the best quality for store bought flour.

Illy Coffee- I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband is and I don’t want to live with a coffee drinker that has not had their coffee.

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