How To Start Planning Your Wedding Again After Postponing It

Late last June my husband and I got a call from our wedding venue informing us that we need to postpone or cancel our wedding. After a VERY stressful week we postponed the wedding, re-booked our vendors, and notified our guests. To say the least, it was not an enjoyable experience and it left me dreading planning again. Over the last couple of weeks I have (hesitantly) started planning my wedding again. Below are some tips on how to approach planning your wedding again.

Reach out to your vendors.

Confirm with your vendors that they have your wedding date on their calendar. This may sounds depressing, but many companies have faced hardship and have gone out of business so it’s nice to just reach out and hear from them and make sure they are still in business. This is also a great time to confirm the deposit your have paid, the balance owed, and the due date of the balance.

Discuss current guidelines with your venue and vendors.

The world is changing on a daily basis so maybe this seems like a waste of time, but it will help set your expectations. My venue furloughed their staff so I asked them if everyone has been hired back on, what their schedule is, and what guidelines they have in place for events. It’s important to get details about the guidelines so you can relay that to your guest- will they have to wear masks, stay six feet apart, will dancing be allowed?

Create a new checklist.

I’ve been using the Knot to plan my wedding; when I changed my wedding date it automatically changed the checklist deadlines to reflect the new wedding date. Now is the time to go through everything you already checked off and make sure you don’t have to do it again. For example, I unfortunately ordered wedding favors prior to postponing my wedding (they would have expired so I gave them away after postponing) so I have to add that to my list again.

Determine if you are going to send invitations again.

Wedding invitations are pricey and I know a lot of brides that sent postponement notifications plan to just remind their guests to RSVP. I decided to send my invitations again. Luckily, Minted still has the design for my original invites so all I have to do is change the date. In the event that your original design is no longer available, now is a good time to start looking for another design.

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