My Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here and that means it is time to start Spring cleaning. I’ve compiled a basic list below as a guide to Spring cleaning.

When you clean the inside of your refrigerator I suggest waiting until the day before you do a grocery store run, that way you have less items to remove while cleaning.

I have “Wash Shower Curtain” listed under the bathroom sections; this is only applicable to certain types of shower curtains. Some shower curtains may shrink so make sure to read the label on yours before washing it.

Under the Laundry section, I have “clean washer using clean washer setting”; that will only be for washing machines that have that setting. If yours does not, you can probably do some research on how to clean the inside.

If you have a sofa with cushion covers that can zip off, you might want to consider washing them. Make sure you do research on the material before washing it. I recommend letting it dry naturally rather than putting it in a dryer.

You might be confused by “clean vents”; if you’ve never looked at your vents before I suggest you do because they are probably pretty dusty.

Something I chose not to include on the list is cleaning stair banisters, interior of cars, and outdoor living spaces. I don’t feel this is necessary but you might want to sanitize them.

Here are some of the cleaning products I use:

To clean the inside of my oven I use Easy-Off Oven and Grill Cleaner

I use this steamer to clean the inside of my microwave.

These are the electronic wipes I use.

Here is the sanitizing cleaning product I use.