Planning A Wedding Again After Postponing It

It’s finally happening! My wedding is only about a month away. If you haven’t been following, in late June of last year my venue told me I will need to postpone my wedding due to the pandemic. Our original wedding date was 8.14.20 (we did elope on this day) but we rescheduled the ceremony and reception to July of 2021. With the wedding approaching, I got back in to wedding planning. I thought it could be useful for me to share how I have started wedding planning again.

What I’ve Recently Completed

I did decide to send out invitations again. I know I’m not the only one that seemed a little undecided about sending invitations again after a postponement notice but ultimately I decided it was best. I viewed the postponement notice (our postponements had the new date on them) as a new save the date so I figured I should send out formal invitations as well.

I also had my 1st dress fitting. I was a little nervous about trying on my dress again for the first time since 2019 but lucky it fits and I still love it! Everyone told me dress fittings are exhausting and I didn’t believe it until I experienced it. Standing still with perfect posture for 2 hours is exhausting!

We also rented my husband’s tux. Since so many weddings last year got postponed to this Summer there is a huge influx in tux rentals so if you are getting married this Summer I recommend renting the tux ASAP.

Issues Planning During A Pandemic

Because our venue furloughed it’s wedding team last year, unfortunately some of the staff left including the pastry chef and our wedding coordinator. Luckily the wedding coordinator position was filled quickly. As of last night the venue finally gave us a wedding cake solution so we get to have a wedding cake!

Unfortunately the girl I had my hair trial with also got furloughed because of the pandemic and subsequently left. The salon has two stylist so I’m still getting my hair done at the same salon just with a different person.

What I Have Left To Do

Finalize the shot list.

A shot list is a list of specific photos you want you photographer to take. I’ve looked to Pinterest to help me create a list and I’ve also gone through our engagement photos to determine what photos we liked best to give our photographer an idea of what we want.

Finalize Song List

I wouldn’t call myself an indecisive person BUT when you have made hundreds of decisions surrounding a wedding it does start to make you feel burnt out on decision making. For that reason, I’ve really been struggling we determining what songs we want played.

Seating Chart

Since I’m having an extremely small wedding the seating chart will be a breeze!

Day of Timeline/Ceremony Timeline

Creating a day of timeline and ceremony timeline will probably be an easy task.

Second Dress Fitting

I do have a second dress fitting next week. From my understanding the second dress fitting is easier than the first. I believe at second fittings you make sure you can lift your arms in the dress, walk around, sit, and learn how to bustle it.