5 Healthy Recipes to Make This Winter

When it’s chilly outside all I want is a hearty and warm dinner, but that usually doesn’t coincide with a healthy dinner. Below are hearty, satisfying, AND healthy recipes that I love and I think you should try this winter. Keep in mind everyone’s idea of “healthy” is different. For me, I don’t cut out any major food groups and it means not eating any heavily processed foods.

Chicken Noodle Soup from Laura in the Kitchen

This is by far the best chicken noodle soup I have ever made. It is a little bit more intensive than other chicken noodle soup recipes, but it is by no means difficult and that extra effort is worth it!

Chicken Cacciatore from Serious Eats

Chicken Cacciatore is one of my favorites meals because it’s easy and always delicious. You really cannot make it taste bad even if you wanted to.

Lentil Soup from recipetineats

I’m a huge fan of lentils because they are nutrient dense and high in protein. I’m pretty particular about lentil soup and this is the best lentil soup I’ve ever had. It tastes even better leftover, so make sure to make a large batch and freeze some or have it throughout the week for lunch.

Lemon Butter Cod from Cooking Classy

I am salivating just thinking about this recipe. Seafood is a real hit or miss with me and this recipe is definitely a hit! The cod gets this perfect crispiness on the outside that is so delicious, and the lemon really brightens the dish. I like to make it with roasted zucchini.

Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken from Laura in the Kitchen

I love any recipe that takes minimal prep work and the sides are made in the same baking dish, and this is one of those recipes. I like mine a little spicier so I add extra hot sauce. If you wanted to make it healthier you could always swap out the potatoes for carrots.

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