Must-Have Winter Coats

I have a love affair with buying winter coats. They’re like wearable blankets, so how could I not? That being said, when it really comes down to it, I feel I really only need 4 types of winter coats. The 4 different types of winter coats I truly feel I need are listed below.

1. Classic Dressy Black Coat This type of coat is best for dinners and work. I love the texture on it AND it’s currently 34% off.

2. Short Insulated Jacket This jacket is best for active days like running errands and going for walks. LL Bean is a go to place to shop for insulated coats and jackets because they have temperature ratings. This particular jacket is rated for -10 to 40 degrees. I’ve had this jacket for years and I wear a couple of times a week during the winter. It has held up incredibly well and it’s the most practical jacket I own.

3. Down Parka If you live in a cold climate then you know having a down park is a necessity. I like to wear my down parka on snowy days.

4. Camel Color Coat I love this particular camel color coat because it could be dressed up or down. The color will look good with almost anything. This coat could be worn in almost any setting.

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