My Favorite Cookbooks

It’s no secret I love cooking, but I rarely create my own recipes. About 80% of the time I’m following someone’s recipe, rather than creating my own. Given how much I cook, and how may recipes I’ve tried, I’m well versed when it comes to picking delicious and reliable recipes. So what are my favorite cookbooks? Below is a list of my favorite cookbooks and why I love them.

Antoni in The Kitchen This cookbook has really unique flavor combinations that I wouldn’t think of myself. Some of the recipes call for ingredients that I don’t typically use (or have never used) and I like that it pushes me out of my comfort zone in that way.

Laura in the Kitchen Every recipe in this cookbook has been so well tested you just can’t go wrong with them. I love that it has a bit of everything from challenging recipes to quick dinners.

Cooking with Grandma Gina I love that this cookbook has super authentic Italian recipes that you would never come across on a place like Pinterest. Italian food is my favorite so this cookbook is a must for me.

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