How To Create A Hat Wall

I was having issues storing my hats on the shelves in my closet because the shelves were too shallow. After about the 100th time of them falling off the shelves I decided to create a hat wall. I think hat walls are so cute and in my case it was a really practical solution too. Below is a guide to creating a hat wall.

There are a few different display options when it comes to hat walls. Amazon sells a few hat wall displays (pictured below) but I ultimately I did not like these options because the hats might not lay flat, the clips could leave marks on the hats, and to be honest they all looked kind of cheap.

Hat Wall Display from Amazon

Instead of using one of the options from Amazon I used command hooks to display the hats. If your hats have a large enough tag, and you want them to be more secure, then I suggest putting them on the hook using the tag. However by hanging them directly on the hook your hat might not lay flat against the wall. This could potentially cause the brim of the hat to warp over time. I have my hats just sitting on the top command hook rather than on the hook itself. This helps the hats lay flat against the wall and I haven’t had any issues with them falling off.

I chose to only display the larger hats I own since those are the ones that didn’t fit on the closet shelving. I do also have baseball hats but chose not to display those because they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing and they fit perfectly on the shelving in the closet.

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