Outfit Styling Essentials

Getting dressed is a process, it’s more than just picking out clothes that look good together. You want to be comfortable in your clothes and prepared for the day. Being comfortable in your clothes is more than just picking a soft sweater or stretchy jeans, sometimes it takes a little extra help. Below are some essentials I always have in my closet that make me feel more comfortable and prepared.

Fashion Tape is a very versatile tool to keep on hand. It can keep a deep v neck adhered to your body so when you bend over your boobs don’t fall out. Fashion Tape can close fabric that is gaping from buttons. It can even temporarily alter the length of dresses, pants, and skirts. This is also a must for any brides to keep in your bridal emergency kit.

Blister Cushions I’ve learned the hard way to keep blister cushions on hand. I recently bought a pair of flats that left horrible blisters on my ankles. It’s much easier to prevent blisters than to treat them.

Dress Weights I don’t think a lot of people know that dress weights exist and I can attest they are a game changer. I have one dress that I swear will fly up even if someone exhales heavily near me. These won’t hold your dress down in strong winds but will prevent your dress or skirt from flying up on breezy days. You can take your dresses and skirts into a seamstress to get permanent weights sewn onto your garments, but I have always worried about washing them with the weights so I like this temporary solution.

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