Favorite Restaurants in Boulder

Boulder is one of my favorite areas to get a bite to eat. There are tons of great restaurants in Boulder that have great food and unique ambiance. Whether you are just visiting or live near Boulder, below are my favorite restaurants that I recommend you try.

The Buff

While the fruit bowl I have pictured above is very Instagram worthy and delicious I really recommend their breakfast sandwiches and the Tatanka. The Tatanka is a fully loaded Bloody Mary. It’s the most delicious and over the top Bloody Mary I have ever seen. They load it up with a skewer of vegetables and a bacon strip and serve in a giant mason jar.

The Cork

The cork is arguably my absolute favorite restaurant in Boulder not only because it has the best steaks I’ve ever had, but it’s also super special to my husband and I. Back in 2020 we had postponed our actual wedding ceremony, but still eloped on our original wedding date with immediate family by our side. The Cork is where we celebrated our elopement. For a steak house they have a very extensive menu for mains but I personally don’t think you should go there unless you get a steak. I always get the Filet cooked medium rare. It’s cooked to perfection every time. Most steak houses focus so much on the mains I feel like their sides fall short but The Cork has incredible sides. The Smoked Mashed Potatoes and Green Chili Mac and Cheese are the best!

Half Fast Subs

Half Fast Subs is a local icon. It’s a sandwich place which may sound boring but it’s going to make ever other sandwich you have ever had look pathetic. I always get the Stuffed Turkey which has Turkey, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy.

Jax Fish and Oyster Bar

I’m slightly cheating for this one because it’s not exclusive to Boulder. It’s a small Colorado chain with 5 other locations. I’m including it though because it can be hard to find good seafood places in Colorado. My perfect dinner from Jax is the chargrilled oysters to start and getting the Blue Crab Garganelli for my entrée. Most of there entrées are seasonal so I don’t believe the Blue Crab Garganelli is always available. The flip side to that is that I really appreciated when a seafood place orders whatever will be the freshest for any given time of year.

Gelato Boy

A short walk from Jax Fish and Oyster Bar is Gelato Boy. Gelato Boy is the best Gelato I have found in the USA. They have Stracciatella on the menu which is a sign they are a legitimate gelato place. I also love the Coffee Chip flavor and Lavender Poppy Mint Flavor.

The Sink

The Sink is a foodie’s dream. It has won awards, been featured on TV, and the food justifies that. The Sink is sort of a dive bar looking restaurant. I highly recommend the Buff Mac which is a delicious Mac and Cheese loaded with Buffalo Chicken, Scallions, and Blue Cheese.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Restaurants in Boulder

  1. Great Article – I love Half Fast Subs, so I’ll have to try out these other restaurants in Boulder, CO – Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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