NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE All the Details You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a lot over the last couple of weeks. You might be wondering what the sale is, why it is so hyped, and how to shop the sale. I’m here to provide all the details you need to know.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale occurs ever Summer. What makes the sale unique (and why it is so hyped) is that it has mostly new items going on sale. These are new items being released for early Fall that get released on sale, then go up in price once the sale is over. The sale also includes year-round staples that Nordstrom sells.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates


Nordstrom offers a preview for the sale on June 29th. You will be able to view items in the sale online on the 29th. The preview will allow you to view products as usual (you’ll see the price and product description) but you won’t be able to purchase them. You won’t be able to add items to your cart, but you will be able to add them to a wish list. To create a wish list you will need to login to your Nordstrom account, select an item to add, and then select the add to wish list button. If you don’t already have a wish list created, the website will prompt you to do so at this time. Once you can shop the sale, you’ll be able to move the items in your wish list to your cart.

What items are included in the sale?

The sale will include things from every department at Nordstrom. You’ll see everything from baby gear, clothing, makeup, to fine jewelry included in the sale.

Who can shop the sale?

Everyone can shop the sale! This being said, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is really geared toward Nordstrom Card members. As you can see above, cardholders get to shop the sale early. If you don’t know which tier you are, then login to your Nordstrom account, under the drop down below your name select The Nordy Club Rewards. The Nordy Club Rewards section will give you information regarding the tier you fall in and information on the rewards you have access to.


If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, then you can shop the sale starting on July 15th. I’m not here to encourage anyone to get a credit card, but if you want to learn details about the card you can learn more here.

How do you shop the sale?

There are a number of ways you can shop the sale. You can shop the sale in store, online and get your order shipped, or order online and pickup in store. I suggest either shopping the store in person or online and get it shipped. Last year I shopped the sale online and pickup in store and it was not a great experience. Last year if you shopped the sale early you had to use your Nordstrom card for the purchase. Unfortunately their system experience huge delays with processing the transaction (for some people it took 3 days). This effectively eliminated the appeal of order online an picking up in store. Not all sale items are held in stores so in some cases it might make more sense to shop online an get it shipped to you. You also run the risk of items selling out in store before your shopping day.

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