Must-Have Winter Boots

Winter is finally here in Colorado and I could not be more happy about it. I’m a cold weather girl, and I love dressing for the cold weather. Below are my must-have winter boots. I think it’s great to have one of each type in at least one color. For me, each one has a different purpose in my wardrobe.

Rain Boots Rain boots are incredibly useful where I live for early and late winter (when we get that slushy type of snow). I love that these ones have great grip. Rain boots are just made of rubber so they’re not always the warmest option but this particular brand tends to suction to my calves which traps the heat. You could also wear some extra thick warm socks with them for added warmth. I recommend sizing up if you plan on wearing thick socks with them.

Riding Boot Riding boots are a classic and will never go completely out of style. I love them because they look good with most of my winter wardrobe.

Chelsea Boot Chelsea boots are another classic that will never go completely out of style. For me, the chelsea boot functions the same in my wardrobe as the riding boot. It looks good with most of my winter wardrobe. The determining factor of wearing a riding boot or chelsea boot with an outfit comes down to the type of pants I’m wearing with it.

Cold Weather Boot We do get snow where I live so having a proper shoe for that is necessary. I love this one because it’s warm and extremely comfortable. I can be on my feet all day in this boot and still be comfortable. I also love the grip on this boot. We recently had a cold front with a few days being below 0 degrees and I wore these boots out in ice and well below freezing temperatures. I felt safe walking in them and they were warm enough.

Over-The-Knee Boot I know over-the-knee boots are not currently “on trend” but they will never go completely out of style. I love an over-the-knee boot to wear with dresses and skirts during the winter so I can still cover my legs for the most part and be warm.

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