Winter Body Care Essentials

I’m a body care junkie. I love trying new products and taking care of the skin on my body. There’s so much focus on taking care of the skin on your face, that people often forget you have to take care of your body too. Below are my body care essentials for the Winter months.

Exfoliating Foot Mask As much as I am a body care junkie, I really hate getting pedicures. Since my feet are not out on display this time of year, I just refuse to get a pedicure during the Winter. That being said, I still want to take care of the skin on my feet. I like to use this exfoliating mask because it really does exfoliate well…It makes your feet peel which is why I like to use this during the Winter, because you really don’t want to be using it unless you are planning on wearing closed toed shoes for a couple of weeks.

Hydrating Foot Mask I like to use this hydrating foot mask in conjunction with the exfoliating mask. The exfoliating mask will make my feet peel for about a week and during that time I like to use the hydrating foot mask a few times.

Glow Getter Body Wash This body wash is what inspired me to share my Winter Body Care Essentials. I like using a hydrating body wash all year, but particularly in the Winter. I’ve tried many body washes that claim to be hydrating, and this is the only one I feel is truly hydrating. It’s incredibly luxurious feeling on the skin.

Dry Brush I’ve been doing dry brushing on and off for about a decade. There are tons of benefits to it. I especially like to do it in the Winter because my skin tends to look a little dull this time of year and dry brushing regularly helps give life back into my skin.

CeraVe Moisturizer I’ve been loving this moisturizer this season. It’s extremely hydrating and soothing.

Gloves In A Bottle I’m trying to do a better job at keeping my hands moisturized. I cook a lot and wash my hands frequently when cooking. It leaves my hands very dry so I’m combating that with this hand cream. What makes this hand cream different is that it lasts through washing.

Winter Favorites

Winter always seems to drag on but this year I feel like it has flown by. I can’t believe Spring is just a month away. Below are all of the things I have been loving this season.

Pajamas I ordered a pair of these pajamas back in December and love them so much that I have since bought them in 3 more colors. They are incredibly soft and wash well.

Myth Perfume This perfume is described as “Warm and Spicy” on Sephora’s website and I typically don’t like warm and spicy perfumes. I personally would describe this as a sexy but fresh scent. Sexy and fresh perfumes don’t typically go together which makes this perfume really unique.

Hand Held Vacuum Our hand held Dyson vacuum kicked the bucket late last year and when I went to replace it I specifically looked at reviews from cat owners. Every time I clean my cat’s litter box, I use a hand held vacuum to vacuum up the litter around the box. You’d be surprised at how many hand held vacuums don’t pickup litter. At of all the ones I’ve tried, this one works best.

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 Cream I heard someone describe this cream as “slimy” and I was sold. It really is a slimy cream and it feels so incredibly good on my skin. It’s really helped with maintaining and rebuilding my skin barrier.

Daisy Jones & The Six I planned on reading this book when it came out but never got around to it. I finally read it in January. I’m a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid, and love historical fiction, so naturally I loved this book. I loved the references to some of my favorite iconic music spots in LA and I loved the characters. This is the type of book you could read in one sitting.

Flared Jeans I got flared jeans from Paige almost a decade ago and at the time no one was wearing them so I got looks when I wore them. I love that they are back in style because I think they are the more universally flattering style of jeans. Unless you are 6+ feet tall you will like have to get these jeans altered.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Chia Seed Pudding

Since getting diagnosed with LADA T1D in July of last year, chia seed pudding has become one of my go-to breakfast options. It’s one of the few sweet breakfast options I have that won’t spike my blood sugar. It’s nutrient dense and keeps me full. The flavor options for chia seed pudding are endless but recently, my chocolate peanut butter cup version is my favorite.

Ingredients (Makes 3 to 4 servings)

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3 Tbsp. chia seeds

2 to 3 Tbsp. Creamy Peanut Butter

2 Tbsp. Hemp Hearts

1 heaping scoop of Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptide Powder


  1. Use a blender to combine 1 cup almond milk, 2-3 Tbsp. creamy peanut butter, and 1 heaping scoop of chocolate collagen powder.
  2. In an airtight container, mix 2 Tbsp. hemp hearts and 3 Tbsp. chia seeds with the liquids.
  3. Occasionally stir for about 10 minutes until it has mostly set in a pudding like consistency.
  4. Let it chill in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. I like to make mine the night before so it can chill overnight. Give it a stir before serving. Enjoy!


Sometimes chia seeds can have a fishy taste to them and this recipe masks that, but if you don’t typically like the taste of chia seeds I recommend getting white chia seeds. I find white chia seeds to have no flavor to them.

You can buy Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Powder here. It’s also sold at Target. I find the best price for it is at Costco. I have not tried it with anything else but you could probably substitute it with your chocolate protein powder of choice.

Winter Business Casual Wardrobe Staples

I’ve shared all season and warm weather wardrobe staples for business casual attire, and I know it helped some people entering the workforce for the first time, and those returning to regular office environments. Getting dressed in the morning is not something you want to put much effort into when you have a busy day ahead. Below are some staples for business casual attire for the Winter. These pieces can be mixed and matched, they can be worn with tons of other business casual staples, and they can be worn in casual environments too.

Tweed Blazer I love this blazer because it can be dressed up with black slacks and a button down shirt for a more professional day, or it can be worn with a jeans and t shirt on a casual Friday.

Cashmere Sweater Find a simple classic sweater you love and buy it in all the colors it comes in. A simple sweater can be worn with anything.

Cardigan Having a great cardigan in your wardrobe means you can still wear those blouses you love for Spring and Summer, during the Winter too. Throwing on a cardigan over a thinner blouse can make it seasonally appropriate and add warmth.

Pant Long pants are obviously a necessity during colder months. This pair is particularly great because it’s an all season pant. You’ll be able to wear it on cold days in the Winter and warm days in the Summer.

Classic Bootie The reason I chose a classic bootie as apposed to other styles of boots is because it can be worn with any style of pant. You can tuck in slimmer pants or wear it under wider pants.

Classic White Button Down A classic white button down is often overlooked in the Winter but it truly is an all season shirt. During the Winter you can wear it under a blazer, cardigan, or layer it under a sweater.

Coat A great coat is important for any Winter wardrobe staples. For business casual attire, I suggest buying a neutral color that could be paired with everything in your Winter business casual wardrobe. I also suggest sizing up one to two sizes so ensure it will fit well with blazers, cardigans, or bulky sweaters under it.

My Favorite Tea Lattes That Don’t Spike My Glucose

I’m a tea fanatic, and I’m not going to let Type 1 Diabetes get in my way of enjoying a tea latte. Below are some of my favorite tea latte recipes that don’t pike my blood sugar.

Rose Tea Latte from Aline Made

Photo from Aline Made

I love floral flavors paired with tea, so naturally I love this recipe. The recipe does call for 1 tsp of honey which for me, doesn’t give me a blood sugar spike. If you are concerned about the honey, you can always omit it or substitute it with your sugar substitute of choice.

Chamomile Latte from Lauren Kelly Nutrition

Photo from Lauren Kelly Nutrition

I love ending my day with chamomile tea to unwind and relax. Chamomile Lattes can actually be a little tricky, because chamomile has a very mellow flavor even milk can over power it. I love that this recipe calls for almond milk because it doesn’t over power the chamomile flavor.

Chai Latte from Claudia Canu

Chai Lattes are probably the most popular tea lattes in the USA. Many Chai Lattes here are loaded with sugar though (especially store bought concentrates). I love that this recipe is more traditional because it’s spicy and not loaded with sugar.

London Fog from Splenda

Photo from Splenda

A London Fog is my personal favorite type of tea latte. Again, I love floral flavors paired with tea so I love this combination of Earl Grey and Lavender. This recipe is from Splenda so obviously it uses a sugar alternative.

Planning a Trip to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

Back in September my husband and I went on a trip to London and it was one of our favorite vacations ever. Despite the unfortunate timing of our vacation, which fell the week of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, we still got to experience a lot of great things that London has to offer. One of our favorite experiences was going to Warner Bros. The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. Below is a rundown of everything you need to know before planning your trip.

Is it worth going?

Everyone is different and you should plan your vacations to cater to your interests. For my husband and I, we had been to London before and already experienced a lot of the big ticket things to do in London, like seeing major landmarks. This trip left us with some room to experience things that were not at the top of our bucket list our first time there. I believe if you have interest in film making or like Harry Potter this is something worth experiencing if you have time. You don’t have to be a huge Harry Potter fan to enjoy it. My husband and I both like Harry Potter but I wouldn’t categorize us as huge fans. I would say though if you haven’t read any of the books or watched any of the movies then this is something you can definitely skip.

Getting Tickets

This is a very popular thing to do in the greater London area, and from my experience it does sell out in advance. Tickets start at just under $64. There are a few packages to choose from. You have to get tickets in advance which you can do so here. We were in London towards the end of September and planned the trip in mid July. At the time of planning our trip, tickets were sold out for the time period we were going to be there. Luckily for us, a few weeks before we left I checked the website again and they had a few time slots we could book. I think we may have gotten lucky because some tourists canceled their trips because a lot of major landmarks were shut down due to the mourning period (like Buckingham palace). If you see that tickets are sold out just keep checking the website every few days and you might get lucky.

Getting There

Getting there from London is very easy. We took the underground to London Euston station then got on a train to Waterford Junction which is in Leavesden. The train from Waterford Junction to Leavesden takes about 20 minutes. Once you exit the train station you’ll see buses outside labeled with The Marking of Harry Potter branding on them. Transportation to and from the studio on these buses is included with standard tickets. They will need to view your tickets before you get on the bus. The buses run every 15 minutes so it’s never a long wait but you will be waiting outside.

How Long To Spend There

While you do have to book a time slot for your ticket, you can spend as long as you want once your tour starts. The tour starts out semi-guided. You spend the first part of the tour walking through the great hall set and watching a short film about the studio. From that point on, you are free to walk through the studio at your own pace. It’s a very extensive studio so I suggest planning on spending most of your day there. My husband and I got ready the morning of our tour, got to the studio, checked in, we ate lunch at the cafeteria before our tour started and then spent most of the afternoon exploring the studio. I definitely don’t recommend trying to plan anything else major on the day of your tour. If you are really trying to optimize your time in London, I would suggest maybe planning your tour first thing in the morning and just planning on sightseeing in London that evening. I don’t recommend booking any other tours or experiences the same day as you might feel rushed.

My Favorite Things to See There

My favorite parts of the tour included walking through the Great Hall, Gringotts’s Bank, the Hogwarts Express, and the Forbidden Forest. Parts of the tour felt truly immersive and magical. My husband’s favorite part of the tour was seeing some of the props and scale models.