My Favorite Tea Lattes That Don’t Spike My Glucose

I’m a tea fanatic, and I’m not going to let Type 1 Diabetes get in my way of enjoying a tea latte. Below are some of my favorite tea latte recipes that don’t pike my blood sugar.

Rose Tea Latte from Aline Made

Photo from Aline Made

I love floral flavors paired with tea, so naturally I love this recipe. The recipe does call for 1 tsp of honey which for me, doesn’t give me a blood sugar spike. If you are concerned about the honey, you can always omit it or substitute it with your sugar substitute of choice.

Chamomile Latte from Lauren Kelly Nutrition

Photo from Lauren Kelly Nutrition

I love ending my day with chamomile tea to unwind and relax. Chamomile Lattes can actually be a little tricky, because chamomile has a very mellow flavor even milk can over power it. I love that this recipe calls for almond milk because it doesn’t over power the chamomile flavor.

Chai Latte from Claudia Canu

Chai Lattes are probably the most popular tea lattes in the USA. Many Chai Lattes here are loaded with sugar though (especially store bought concentrates). I love that this recipe is more traditional because it’s spicy and not loaded with sugar.

London Fog from Splenda

Photo from Splenda

A London Fog is my personal favorite type of tea latte. Again, I love floral flavors paired with tea so I love this combination of Earl Grey and Lavender. This recipe is from Splenda so obviously it uses a sugar alternative.

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