Winter Business Casual Wardrobe Staples

I’ve shared all season and warm weather wardrobe staples for business casual attire, and I know it helped some people entering the workforce for the first time, and those returning to regular office environments. Getting dressed in the morning is not something you want to put much effort into when you have a busy day ahead. Below are some staples for business casual attire for the Winter. These pieces can be mixed and matched, they can be worn with tons of other business casual staples, and they can be worn in casual environments too.

Tweed Blazer I love this blazer because it can be dressed up with black slacks and a button down shirt for a more professional day, or it can be worn with a jeans and t shirt on a casual Friday.

Cashmere Sweater Find a simple classic sweater you love and buy it in all the colors it comes in. A simple sweater can be worn with anything.

Cardigan Having a great cardigan in your wardrobe means you can still wear those blouses you love for Spring and Summer, during the Winter too. Throwing on a cardigan over a thinner blouse can make it seasonally appropriate and add warmth.

Pant Long pants are obviously a necessity during colder months. This pair is particularly great because it’s an all season pant. You’ll be able to wear it on cold days in the Winter and warm days in the Summer.

Classic Bootie The reason I chose a classic bootie as apposed to other styles of boots is because it can be worn with any style of pant. You can tuck in slimmer pants or wear it under wider pants.

Classic White Button Down A classic white button down is often overlooked in the Winter but it truly is an all season shirt. During the Winter you can wear it under a blazer, cardigan, or layer it under a sweater.

Coat A great coat is important for any Winter wardrobe staples. For business casual attire, I suggest buying a neutral color that could be paired with everything in your Winter business casual wardrobe. I also suggest sizing up one to two sizes so ensure it will fit well with blazers, cardigans, or bulky sweaters under it.

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