Winter Body Care Essentials

I’m a body care junkie. I love trying new products and taking care of the skin on my body. There’s so much focus on taking care of the skin on your face, that people often forget you have to take care of your body too. Below are my body care essentials for the Winter months.

Exfoliating Foot Mask As much as I am a body care junkie, I really hate getting pedicures. Since my feet are not out on display this time of year, I just refuse to get a pedicure during the Winter. That being said, I still want to take care of the skin on my feet. I like to use this exfoliating mask because it really does exfoliate well…It makes your feet peel which is why I like to use this during the Winter, because you really don’t want to be using it unless you are planning on wearing closed toed shoes for a couple of weeks.

Hydrating Foot Mask I like to use this hydrating foot mask in conjunction with the exfoliating mask. The exfoliating mask will make my feet peel for about a week and during that time I like to use the hydrating foot mask a few times.

Glow Getter Body Wash This body wash is what inspired me to share my Winter Body Care Essentials. I like using a hydrating body wash all year, but particularly in the Winter. I’ve tried many body washes that claim to be hydrating, and this is the only one I feel is truly hydrating. It’s incredibly luxurious feeling on the skin.

Dry Brush I’ve been doing dry brushing on and off for about a decade. There are tons of benefits to it. I especially like to do it in the Winter because my skin tends to look a little dull this time of year and dry brushing regularly helps give life back into my skin.

CeraVe Moisturizer I’ve been loving this moisturizer this season. It’s extremely hydrating and soothing.

Gloves In A Bottle I’m trying to do a better job at keeping my hands moisturized. I cook a lot and wash my hands frequently when cooking. It leaves my hands very dry so I’m combating that with this hand cream. What makes this hand cream different is that it lasts through washing.

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