Music Festival Outfit Ideas 2023

Music Festival season is coming up so I’m taking the time to put together some outfits that would be great to wear at music festivals. Obviously every festival is different so you can tailor it to your needs.

Look 1

Tee Sunglasses Shorts Sandals

This first look is a great option for anyone intimidated by music festival attire. Music festivals have become known for adventurous style, and I understand that’s definitely not for everyone. This outfit is great because it’s playful but not super out there. Flats are going to generally be most practical for festival attire but if you want to wear heels I suggest going for a block heel that’s comfortable and stable.

Look 2

Top Bracelet Pants Shoes

The second look is much more edgy. I generally don’t recommend bringing a handbag into a music festival so pants like these are super practical with all the pockets. This would be a great look if rain is forecasted the day of or days leading up to the festival.

Look 3

Set Top Set Skirt Handbag Sandals

This last look is a sexier look but still casual and music festival appropriate styled with the sandals and handbag. Like I said previously, I don’t really recommend bringing a handbag but I know that’s not realistic for everyone. If you need to bring one, I suggest making sure the strap is extremely comfortable, don’t over pack it, and wear it crossbody.

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