Favorite Things To Do In Denver in the Spring

Spring is finally here and it’s one of my favorite seasons in Colorado. I love seeing the landscape come back to life, seemingly more vibrant each year. When I think of my favorite Spring time rituals there are two that immediately come to mind that I think are must-do things this time of year in Denver.

Denver Botanic Gardens

I’m one of those people that desperately wants to be a plant person, but the sad reality is I’m really not good with plants. That’s definitely a contributing factor in my love for the Denver Botanic Gardens, but I also think most people would enjoy it. It’s such a stunning and relaxing place to walk around. In my opinion the most beautiful time to visit the gardens is in the month of May. Tickets are $15 per adult. I suggest planning on spending a half day there.

Picnic Season

One of my favorite dates that I look forward to every year, is a picnic date. It’s become a tradition with my husband. As soon as the weather is regularly pleasant, we celebrate by going on a picnic date. I don’t live in Denver proper, so we go on our picnics in Boulder. My favorite spots in Boulder for a picnic are Chautauqua Park, and just up Flagstaff Road from Chautauqua Park is Panorama Point which is also a great picnic spot. Both of these picnic spots do have tables but it could be hard to snag one, so make sure to pack a picnic blanket. If you want a great picnic spot in Denver then I suggest Sloan Lake or Washington Park.

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