My Favorite Cookbooks

It’s no secret that I love to cook. It’s a huge passion of mine, and I consider it my favorite hobby. I’m always looking to improve my cooking and one of the ways I do that is through cookbooks. I’m all for pulling recipes on line (and on a typical night that’s what I do). There is something about a physical cookbook though that I love because if it’s good you’ll always want those recipes on hand, it can teach you new techniques and flavor combinations, and it can push you out of your comfort zone. Below are my favorite cookbooks and why I love them.

Laura in the Kitchen Laura in the Kitchen taught me that you can make even the simplest foods taste incredible. It’s my go-to cookbook for easy weeknight meals and classics. Her recipes are always a hit and I can always rely on the recipe coming together without a hitch.

Antoni in the Kitchen This cookbook taught me to play with flavor profiles more. It has some recipes that seem really fancy, unique, and the type that sound impressive but they’re not difficult to make.

Dessert Person Claire Saffitz is the queen of baking and I wouldn’t be as good of a baker without her. This cookbook taught me how incredible brown butter is when used in baking.

Mediterranean Dish This is probably the cookbook that I use the most. As a LADA Type 1 Diabetic this cookbook has been so useful to me. I typically don’t have to adjust the recipes in this cookbook to meet my dietary needs/restrictions and if I do, it’s really simple and essay to do.

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