Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Actually Want + Tips


1. Let Love Grow Seeds I love the idea of giving a beautiful favor that is also good for the environment.  This is perfect for a Spring or early Summer wedding.

2. Laduree Coconut Meringue Buttons This is a more luxurious favor since Laduree is a famous bakery but these are surprisingly inexpensive.

3. Personalized Soap If you are truly at a loss for favor ideas, opt for something like soap.  EVERYONE will use it.

4. Blanket We all know I LOVE cozy gifts so of course I’m going to suggest a blanket for really any outdoor wedding, but especially a Fall or Winter wedding.

5. Mini Champagne This is another luxurious favor.  I love the idea of gifting your favorite champagne, wine, or beer.  If your budget wont allow for a full size, try finding a mini version.

6. Olive Tree Plant This is a similar concept to the flower seeds but more long lasting.  This is the type of favor, that if taken care of, will last your guests a lifetime.

7. Local Honey The link is for a basic wild flower honey in case your region does not have local honey.  Try looking for a local honey. Honey is one of those items that can be found in nearly every home so it’s a safe food favor.


  • If you are going to be serving cake and dessert maybe don’t do a food favor.
  • We all love personalized things but keep your guests in mind.  I personally won’t keep a cup that has someone else’s name and wedding date on it.
  • Food is a great option because it will get consumed.  If it’s not consumable, think about how useful that item will be.  Will it sit in someone’s house collecting dust before it gets tossed?  Or will it actually get used?
  • If you are going to do any liquid favors, think about the guests that are traveling.  Is it likely to spill in their bag?  Is it under 3oz. so they don’t have to check a bag?
  • If you are going to do a boozy favor make sure all your guest actually drink.  You can always supplement a non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Try to find something local to the area you are getting married like local honey or local wild flowers.  Also think about things that are local to where you got engaged or where you are going on your honeymoon.  We are considering doing black salt from Iceland where we got engaged. It adds a more personalized touch.
  • When you are buying wedding favors, you are going to be purchasing bulk quantities but maybe not at a bulk purchase price.  Reach out to the company you are buying from and ask what the quantity limit is, and if you can get a discount for buying in bulk.

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