Why Colorado Should Be On Your Autumn Bucket List

I know it’s hot outside in most parts of the country, but foliage season is just around the corner. Before you know it, the leaves will be changing and the air will feel crisp. Autumn is personally my favorite season. I’ll never get over how magical Autumn is in the New England region BUT I also feel like Colorado is often over looked when it comes to Autumnal destinations.

Since Colorado is centrally located, it makes getting here relatively cheap and easy. There are tons of places in the mountains to experience stunning foliage. Colorado is home to tons of Aspen Trees which are so vibrate when their leaves change colors. My favorite places for leaf peeping are Vail, Estes Park, Idaho Springs, and Aspen. You could really drive anywhere into the mountains and spot Aspen Tree groves.

One of the hardest parts about planning an Autumnal getaway is the timing. Foliage season is somewhat unpredictable and in some regions a very short period. One of the great things about Colorado’s foliage season is that, as a state, it’s much longer. Since Colorado has pretty dramatic elevation changes we get a longer foliage season. The trees will start changing color in the mountains about a week or two before the trees in the lower region start changing. This gives us about an entire month of foliage season. If you are thinking about planning an Autumnal getaway this year, I highly recommend Colorado.

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